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New Web Launch 2016

20 years ago, I fell in love with recycling. I was a young designer trying to figure out how to live my creative life without adding to our societies over consumption and environmental issues. I discovered the need for textile reuse through our growing landfills and began my journey of creating sustainably made, eco fashion by recycling or upcycling through my company ‘e ko logic. Today, I am proud to present our new web site that is a ‘live’ version of the clothing and accessories available at my studio and what I bring to the juried art shows I attend across the country. Thanks to technology and my studio, we are working to be available everyday through this website. Our stellar web developer has created a filter for you to request items of a special color or size. And we have a contact area where you can request a custom order or appointment to come by the studio. Please remember that all of this work is created by hand and is all one of a kind. Occasionally, I will need to remake a new item to fulfill your needs. I hope you enjoy what you see!

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