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First signs of Spring, Easter Bunnies and Cute New Puppies

We would like to introduce the newest member of the `e ko logic team, Daphne, born Jan 26, 2019. Daphne comes to us with little to no experience but has proven to be a quick learner. Our bulldog Jasper is a little less than enthused about the addition but is slowly warming up to the idea of having a partner in life's adventures. We'll be out on the road with these two very soon!
New work: Creativity is flowing in our Spring Collection. Check it out online and claim one of these brand new pieces before they travel to the shows.  You will find polka dots in Pepper Sweaters, 5 different Men's sweater series, beautiful Patterns in the Veronica's and an intoxicating batch of black Trixie sweaters with striped accents. Kathleen's new inventory is added to the website on a weekly basis. Click here to shop
New Hat Design: One of the greatest joys of personally knowing our customers is the inspiration you bring. Kathleen put this energy into the Muir Beret, named after the naturalist John Muir. This style is perfectly suited to male or female customers and moves into many different shapes, empowering your creativity. The final pattern was just recently finished. Three lucky customers already own it. Good sign for things to come. We are making another batch right now and will be debuting it at The Fine Craft Fair at Rittenhouse Square. Keep an eye out for this new creation.
Social media: Please share your thoughts and photographs of your `e ko logic originals on our social media. We'd love to feature you and hear of your experience with our products. 

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