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New Year, New Challenges

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Owning your own business really tests your abilities. The one I struggle with the most is customer communication. Most artists begin their businesses alone in their studio as I did, but in order to make dreams into reality you must step out of your box and share what you have going on. This leads me to the blog I committed to in our website re-design. It is almost February and I am finally sitting down to write an entry after our launch 3 months ago. Please know that when I am quiet, I am passionately producing the work that you see on our website and/or traveling to meet you in person.  During this past holiday season, Charlie and I set up shop as one of the artists featured in the 2016 Grand Central Holiday Fair. It is a huge honor to be among this talented and highly successful group. The highlight of the show is gathering my year’s work and presenting it to you, our loyal and inspiring customers. Each year I come away with a morsel of wisdom that inspires the following year’s creativity. That morsel for 2016 was the realization that ekologic customers are a tribe of active, inspired people willing to follow their passions of preserving the planet, caring for one another’s future and passionately creating the world they want to live in. You grow our organic vegetables, create climate change policies, support and provide for those with disabilities, volunteer in your communities and create green spaces for our families to heal, connect and grow. Knowing that you are out there in the world gives me peace of mind and confidence in our future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so pleased to be on this life journey with all of you. - Kathleen

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