Boca Raton Museum Art Festival - Feb 3-4, 2018
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How We Do What We Do

I'd like to share the inner workings of `ekologic. Tell you a bit about the process it takes to make our products and share the philosophy of our closed loop, zero waste recycling system. With the unveiling of the Grand Central Holiday Fair just one week away and the holiday season closing in, I want you to enjoy the full depth of each piece created in our Troy, NY studio.
The `ekologic studio functions very much like a family and includes our portly, studio supervisor, Jasper the bulldog.  As Founder and Designer, I lead the artistry, design and expert use of recycling fabrics. I create a constant stream of clothing and accessory collections inspired from the cashmere Charles and I hand select. Our products are handmade in Troy, NY out of materials from our region: Locally harvested, Locally made, 100% Recycled Cashmere. Recycling is a hands on effort. Unlike artists that can order fabric bolts, ours must be created. Specific colors cannot be requested, magic is made from the wastestream. I contemplate the character and quality of each fabric before creating the individually collaged items. Everything we make is hand done, one at a time. The multifarious nature of recycling requires attention to every minute detail in our process. 
Artists, like myself, may create their concepts alone but no one can succeed without the help of others. The true vision of `ekologic can only happen with the phenomenal support of our recycling team. They keep my detailed recycling process moving so I can focus on the individual pieces and Zero Waste product development. They allow me to offer you services that would overwhelm my two hands, such as the sleeve length adjustments and custom tailoring I provide. They help me keep track of the custom orders I commit to and answer your questions when I am on the road sharing the work and `ekologic concept. We are the #Slowfashion, #Ecofashion #Sustainablefashion, #Ethicalfashion, movement. We work daily to inspire others to seek out small artist brands like ourselves and join the #FashionRevolution.  
Thank you for supporting our work and wanting to know the how, what and where of the products you use. `ekologic creates heirloom products that get passed down in families, stolen from lovers and kept out of landfills.
We made your clothes. Thanks for being part of our Tribe.
Opening day is, gulp, one week away! Come see us at Grand Central Holiday Fair, Nov 13, 2017. Charlie and Kathleen will be there everyday to assist you.

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